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Hi! I’m Paul Frost. Author and owner of Plants and Chickens. I’ve been taking care of Gardens and animals for over 20 years and I have a Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics. I’m here to help you on your homesteading journey!

I live with my wife, 3 kids, a dog, and a growing population of chickens with many plants. We are lucky enough to be able to graze our chickens on common land where we live and they love it.

Raising chickens has been a passion of mine since my family and I started in our backyard over 20 years ago. Over the years, we have learned a lot about plants and chickens and how to take care of them. We made mistakes along the way, like letting them ruin the garden. We have figured out ways to create good habits that make our plants and chickens feel happy and stay healthy.

I think chickens are great pets, but some people don’t realize how special they are. They might think chickens are just good at laying eggs and don’t have feelings, but that’s not true. Chickens actually have really cool personalities and many of them enjoy being with people.

It was really exciting and made us feel really happy to watch these chickens come out of their coop and search for their own food outside for the first time. These chickens get to enjoy their old age by being happy and relaxed in a place that feels like home to them.

I created Plants and Chickens to share our experience in keeping gardens and chickens with you, along with some tips and advice on the best way to keep plants and chickens according to your circumstances. I am firmly dedicated to sharing reliable and useful knowledge with fellow homesteading enthusiasts.

If you want to have chickens as pets or if you want to learn more about them,

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